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"Without Website Kitty my site was boring and lacked that spark that lures people to your website. Everything was very professional looking when it was complete. I couldn't be more happier, thanks!
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Spencer Baird
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Imagine putting a piece of you, your passion or business on the web, kind of like a signature…

Weather you are in a rock band, want to grow your brick and mortar business or just have a story to tell, you can gain the proper exposure through a website or blog.

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The domain for Website Kitty ( only cost $5.99. It took one week to build and a lot of creative effort. 

So why are you still procrastinating on yourself? If you feel like building a website is your next step toward your personal or business success then let’s do this!

You put up the money and Kitty put in the time and creativity.

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Giving Back
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You can feel great when you choose Website Kitty for your Website needs because part of the proceeds are always donated or spent rescueing precious kitties!

Giving Back Kitty

Here are a few pets Website Kitty has helped in one way or another over the years.

Giving Back Bunny

We couldn't say no to this little guy though... can you really blame us?