Unlimited Websites

Unlimited Websites!

No, I’m not going to make you read a whole bunch to tell you one thing at the end of a long article.

You can literally add on as many domains as you wish, to one hosting plan for one low monthly payment. 


At the moment I have one hosting plan which I use to manage six of my own websites and my fiance’s websites as well.

This hosting plan cost exactly $12.95 per month and I can add on as many domains as my happy little whiskers wish to… this is just the beginning for Website Kitty.


If you are anything like me you want to start up a million and one websites…

…Well, there is always a chance that your host could go down and along with it all your websites, Which means there goes your business, blog, time, energy, income, etc…

This has not happened to me personally but I once heard the Deadbeat Super Affiliate (a mentor of mine) state that this did happen to him… Dan Brock AKA The Deadbeat Super Affiliate advises not to put more than six websites onto one hosting plan. I’m going for ten… but that’s just me. You do what you want.

The old saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” is quite fitting here, isn’t it?

For Those Serious About Their Website

Click on the Hostgator banner above that I have attached for you to easily click on and get started with the hosting for your website and get 20% off.

Once you land on the Hostgator site look under the tab Web Hosting where you can choose the Baby Plan or the Business Plan  for the unlimited domains. Personally, I use the Baby Plan.


If you feel you are committed to one venture that will not require more than one website, then, by all means go with the less expensive option, the Hatchling Plan. You can always upgrade at no extra cost but to downgrade there is a $10 charge.

Should You Have Any Questions...

Don't hesitate to ask, Website Kitty is always on the look out for new comments.